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Trending Properties in Magnolia

Magnolia real estate, Magnolia Homes, real estate in Magnolia Texas, recently sold properties, foreclosures, new homes, school information and much more is available on Magnolia Real Estate Guide. A complete guide for prospective home buyers, current home buyers and sellers.

Recently Listed in Magnolia

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
17818 Indigo Hills Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77355Single Family$489,9005/43,4942
32534 Autumn Forest Ct, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$729,0006/54,9102
15318 Wildwood Trc, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$550,0005/45,0373
12543 Savage Court, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$460,9514/33,0132
11919 Water Oak Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$624,5005/54,6222
27838 POST OAK RUN, MAGNOLIA, TX, 77355Single Family$675,0005/34,8242
40393 Mostyn Drive, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$413,7094/33,0702
31618 Spinnaker Run, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$575,0004/34,0842
22206 Meadowsweet Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77355Single Family$339,0003/32,9032
7014 Durango Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$215,0004/22,4682
6407 Weisinger Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$239,9003/22,0381
14014 Pinehurst Ln, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$625,0005/44,6732
10 Newgrove, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$419,0003/33,2662
41707 N. Mill Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$259,0003/21,6181
29703 Sweetwater St, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$51,5003/21,2161
9911 SENECA TRAIL, MAGNOLIA, TX, 77354Single Family$200,0003/21,5301
27103 Holly Lord, Magnolia, TX, 77355Single Family$389,5003/22,7612
25902 WildFlower, MAGNOLIA, TX, 77354Single Family$119,9003/22,2401
33302 Buck Rd, Magnolia, TX, 77355Single Family$399,9994/23,7502
30515 Meadow Wood Dr, Magnolia, TX, 77354Single Family$215,0004/21,7501

Recently Sold Listings in Magnolia

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
7410 Durango Creek Dr, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/17/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,8321
26955 Sabinal Trl, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/17/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/22,2622
32650 RYDER CUP, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/17/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,5502
16911 Boothill RD, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/17/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/19161
16222 Walnut Springs Ln, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/17/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,3761
28058 CROSSWAY OAKS, MAGNOLIA, TX, 7735504/17/2015Single Family$717,001 - $827,0005/45,3002
18848 Atascosa Trail, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/17/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,1241
25431 Candleridge Ct, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/16/2015Single Family$90,001 - $105,0003/21,7251
606 Fairbanks, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/16/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0003/21,9571
27012 Del Rio Trl, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/16/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,0111
515 Box Elder Dr, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/16/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,0481
23918 McCall Sound Blvd., Magnolia, TX, 7735504/16/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,2471
32811 Green Bend Ct, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/16/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0004/33,6871
33302 Buckshot Ln, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/16/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0004/23,7272
241 Ridgewood Dr, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/16/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/21,4181
22202 Rainfern Dr, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/15/2015Single Family$250,001 - $285,0004/31,9232
114 COBBLESTONE CT, MAGNOLIA, TX, 7735404/15/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,7791
19119 Ranchcrest Dr, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/15/2015Single Family$60,001 - $70,0003/21,1201
3 Oak Crest Cir, Magnolia, TX, 7735404/15/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0003/23,1001
20103 Ruby Terrace Ln, Magnolia, TX, 7735504/15/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0003/22,0811

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Master Planned Communities in Magnolia

Name Address
Magnolia Ridge

Golf Courses in Magnolia

Name Address
High Meadow Ranch Golf Club 37300 Golf Club Trail
Lake Windcrest Golf Club 10941 Clubhouse Circle

Schools in Magnolia

Find Magnolia schools and other information about the educational environment in Magnolia. View ratings on Magnolia schools and get the academic performance for each school in Magnolia.
Elementary School in Magnolia
Middle School in Magnolia
High School in Magnolia
Charter School in Magnolia

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